Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ink from the Squids: Hiding Hideous Lewdness and Criminality Behind the Uncriticizable shield of Racism

Straight truth from Paul Kersey:
"The people who perpetuate crimes are one degree above animals, regardless of race. This is what the black community will never understand, as they hide behind rampant black criminality and claim any attempt to corral the lawlessness will impact the law-abiding…" 
Check out the latest antics from our feral, SPOILED negro population:

Quote from the video (its hard to watch, but necessary to comprehend):
Lil' Durk: "Mang, I think I fucked like twenty bitches last night."
Also, on autotune "I'll turn yur girl to an eater"

These men need to be ran out of town like in all normal human societies!

These men think they can shit all over the place, and other people can clean up.  They LOVE attracting cops (infantile attraction to being in the caged crib), they brag about "fucking bitches", and they purposely scare people, then get mad when people get scared.

These men are scum of the earth, a dishonor to what little honor the Black race has left, and vile cowards who abuse dumb women.

Thank you Paul Kersey, you said it:  indedency and criminality now hides behind a facade of "Blackness", which is therefore uncriticizable, and "racist".

If it is racist to condemn lewd behavior and criminality, then we are headed to certain rule by tribalistic despots. You can kiss universalistic Western Civilization goodbye, unless we all stand up and condemn this damn minstrel show!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Being White in Philly: Liberal Creationists Spout Squidsense

After the Being White in Philly article came out in the PhillyMag, there was a lot of controversy in Philly.
Many Blacks and White elites wanted to shut down the racial concerns of Whites, as they always have.

The Squids want Whites to shut up, and put up with their social engineering. There is no "brotherly love" here in Philadelphia, only the desire of elite Whites to use their praetorian Black guard to prevent the formation of potential challengers to their political power by non-elite Whites. Some things never change, we need new a Magna Carta.

Here are the SquidSponses to "Being White in Philly"

PhillySquid A: Michael Coard (Jar-Jar Binks?)

"Philly Mag’s “Being White in Philly” Is Really Being Wrong in Philly: I grew up four blocks from 19th and Diamond, and I’m not dangerous"

Seems both Blacks and Squids have true problems with statistics, suits their housing pump and dump strategies well anyhow. You have the Blacks to not know math, and the Squids to pretend they don't.

Check out this gem:
"Well, goddamn it, slavery, sharecropping, convict leasing, Jim Crow, and de facto discrimination are this country’s Dr. Frankenstein. And the violent black criminals and the lazy, shiftless young black men that Huber seems fixated upon are the creations. If you disagree, then there’s only one other explanation: Black folks are genetically predisposed to be violent, to be criminal, and to be lazy and shiftless. It’s either nature or (forcibly imposed)nurture.
There’s a right answer and a white answer. Take your pick"

Liberal Creationism is the only answer, Hallelujah!

Philly Squid B: Jason Fagone (There is something in common in these features? "Aquatic" perhaps? )

"Philly Mag’s “Being White in Philly” Doesn’t Make Sense as Journalism How do you launch a frank discussion about race under a cloak of anonymity?"

"Fagone" goes on to spout drivel about how everyone should be able to speak their mind on race without "the cloak of anonymity.  How will Frodo ever bring the ring to Mordor and destroy it, inquiring minds want to know?
In other words, lets make the first steps towards taking away internet privacy and free speech. Good idea squids!!! Then nobody can oppose you.

Finally, you have the biggest NutSquid of them all:

PhillySquid #1: Mayor Nutter (No nickname needed)

"Mayor Nutter Threatens Magazine with Criminal Charges for “White in Philly” Story"

Check out this Speech-inking Squids
"Letter to the Philadelphia Human Relations Commision".
This is ink squirted out in panic by the NutSquid himself, a must read.

Here are some inky quotes:
"While I fully recognize that constitutional protections afforded the press are intended to protect the media from censorship by the government, the First Amendment, like other constitutional rights, is not an unfettered right, and notwithstanding the First Amendment, a publisher has a duty to the public to exercise its role in a responsible way. I ask the Commission to evaluate whether the "speech" employed in this essay is not the reckless equivalent of "shouting 'fire!' in a crowded theater," its prejudiced, fact-challenged generalizations an incitement to extreme reaction."

Quite an ink cloud eh?

Story on the Blog

Thats all the ink I can handle for today....


--Anti-Squid, Pro-Civilization


Friday, May 31, 2013

National Squids, Some State Squids in Minnesota

Top National Squids: Use Blacks as Pawns to Extract Money from White People

Ben Bernanke  (prints the money)

Rahm Emmanuel (still involved nationally behind the scenes)

Barack Obama (transfers money to his ethnicity, especially encouraging more Mulatto offspring)

George Bush (enabled housing boom and bust)

Here is the beginning of locating State Level Squids --

Minnesota:  Bring in Somali Refugees in order to bring in funding from Barack Obama and to "Transform" Minnesota

Read this:

"To qualify as a refugee, there is a process. The U.S. State Department ultimately decides where refugees will live, but it has to do with the voluntary agencies, called VOLAGS, that contract with the State Department.

Minnesota has very active ones like Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota. Those agencies agree to help the refugees get settled, to learn English, find housing, get health care, and begin a new life."

Lutheran Social Services - NAMES TO COME
Catholic Charities - NAMES TO COME
World Relief Minnesota- NAMES TO COME

The EBT Squid: Jamie Dimon, president and CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

Jamie Dimon
The EBT Squid: Jamie Dimon,  president and CEO of JP Morgan Chase.

JPMC administers the EBT card system and rakes in untold millions doing it.

More squids to come.  This blog is not meant to be entertaining, it is merely a listing to be used for action.  BRA is unsustainable.