Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ink from the Squids: Hiding Hideous Lewdness and Criminality Behind the Uncriticizable shield of Racism

Straight truth from Paul Kersey:
"The people who perpetuate crimes are one degree above animals, regardless of race. This is what the black community will never understand, as they hide behind rampant black criminality and claim any attempt to corral the lawlessness will impact the law-abiding…" 
Check out the latest antics from our feral, SPOILED negro population:

Quote from the video (its hard to watch, but necessary to comprehend):
Lil' Durk: "Mang, I think I fucked like twenty bitches last night."
Also, on autotune "I'll turn yur girl to an eater"

These men need to be ran out of town like in all normal human societies!

These men think they can shit all over the place, and other people can clean up.  They LOVE attracting cops (infantile attraction to being in the caged crib), they brag about "fucking bitches", and they purposely scare people, then get mad when people get scared.

These men are scum of the earth, a dishonor to what little honor the Black race has left, and vile cowards who abuse dumb women.

Thank you Paul Kersey, you said it:  indedency and criminality now hides behind a facade of "Blackness", which is therefore uncriticizable, and "racist".

If it is racist to condemn lewd behavior and criminality, then we are headed to certain rule by tribalistic despots. You can kiss universalistic Western Civilization goodbye, unless we all stand up and condemn this damn minstrel show!!

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